15 Volumizing Hair Tips That Will Change Your Life

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So often, we covet the locks of celebrities that walk the red carpet. From Jennifer Lopez to Cindy Crawford, big hair is one of our favorite looks on them, and we can’t get enough. The secret to these amazing locks is volume. For those of us who do not have a team of stylists to doll up our locks every day and for those significant events in life, here is a guide to the best 15 volumizing hair tips that will change your life.

Tip #1 Clean your scalp


Is it really that simple? Well, let’s put it this way - if you don’t have a clean scalp, your hair will lack thickness and strength and will not grow to your desired length. Between our natural oils, hair products, and particles from the environment, the scalp can get quite a build-up of residue, which over time, can hinder growth and even oxygenation and delivery of nutrients from the blood supply. Ensure you have a healthy, clean scalp so the good ingredients from your hair care products can penetrate your hair follicles.

Tip #2 Take care of your roots


What you wash your hair with matters. Make sure you are using a shampooing product that nourishes your scalp and roots. Products that contain natural plant oils and vitamin E can do wonders for the rest of your hair. Similarly, we start to create volume at the roots, so if the roots are not healthy and strong, your hair will not support the volumizing products and treatments you are applying.  

Tip #3 Treat any skin conditions on the scalp


See what we are doing here? Keeping your scalp healthy is a vital foundation for giving you the volume you desire. It is essential to treat scalp conditions like sebaceous dermatitis, psoriasis, or dandruff. If left untreated, you can suffer from chronic inflammation and skin irritation, which leads to decreased hair growth with time. If you find you have a scalp condition, make sure to meet with your dermatologist, so you are on the right plan to treating whatever is getting in your way of healthy, voluminous locks.

Tip #4 Volumize in the shower


We know that cleansing the scalp regularly is important for volume. So, take advantage of your time in the shower by using a volumizing shampoo product. It is helpful to let some volumizing shampoos and conditioners sit for a minute or two on your hair before rinsing.

Tip #5 Drying matters


Using a blow dryer is the surest way to give your hair as much volume as possible during the drying process. Some people also benefit from air drying, but blow-drying will generally provide you with the boost you need. If you do use a hairdryer, tip your head over, so your wet hair is upside down. This redirects your roots to fall in a different way, which creates a natural lift. Once your hair is on its way to being dry, flip your head back over and finish drying by picking up the roots and direct your dryer at an angle that your hair does not naturally fall.


Blow drying can damage your hair with frequent use, so reserve your drying sessions for the days when you are looking to wear a particular style or get that additional volume.

Tip #6 Ditch the hairbrush (sometimes)


People who comb or brush their hair straight while wet will have more trouble getting volume because we tend to brush how we want our hair to look once it’s dry. This means that the roots do not have a chance to lift during the drying process. Use your fingers and hands instead to plump up your roots. Applying a volumizing hair styling product with your fingers to your roots and even scrunching your hair strands can give you body and lift.


It is important to note that brushing your hair while wet can stretch and damage your strands, so using a wide-toothed comb is best if you prefer to comb out your damp hair.

Tip #7 Take advantage of dirty hair days


When we say “regular” washing, that generally does not mean everyday washing. Rather, we mean to wash your hair every 2-3 days on average. Of course, if you have oily or dry hair, you may need to adjust the number of days you go between washes to optimize your scalp and hair health. While cleansing is vital, dirty hair sometimes has advantages when it comes to volume. Using plumping hair products like mousse, use your finger to work the product into your “dirty” or oily hair to get incredible volume. There’s a reason most hairstylists prefer at least day-old hair when they are styling hair for big events.

Tip #8 Give your ponytail a lift


Without the right teasing, a ponytail can look flat and, well, unflattering. The key to getting a voluminous ponytail is to tease all of your hair before putting it up in a hair tie. Tease your hair from the roots to the end of the hairs strands all over your head, then put it up at a height you desire.

Tip #9 Get a hair cut


The right hair cut can do wonders for volume. Therefore, if you feel like your hair is lying limp on your head no matter what strategies you try, head to your hairstylist for a fresh cut. You may want to consider adding in long layers, as they help relieve the weight pulling down on your roots.

Tip #10 Fix hair loss


Millions of men and women struggle with hair loss in the United States. Indeed, thinning hair is considered a normal part of the aging process and is a side effect in some of the most common health conditions, including diabetes and hypothyroidism. Additionally, both men and women can struggle with androgenic alopecia - a genetically-linked hair loss condition that is likely attributed to dihydrotestosterone sensitivity. Finally, between the rise in autoimmune conditions and general stress levels of our population, hair loss is prevalent.


Getting volume while struggling with hair loss is an uphill battle. If you want thicker locks, the first thing you have to do is find out what is causing your hair loss and treat it. If you have androgenic alopecia (also called male- and female-pattern baldness), use a product that suppresses DHT and stimulates hair regrowth like Nanoxidil 5%.

Tip #11 Derma roll your scalp


Derma rollers are one of the best beauty tools for your skin, and dermatologists have learned that there is incredible benefit in using them to correct hair loss. Derma rollers are beauty devices that contain hundreds of tiny needles that prick the surface of the skin. The microtraumas these needles drive more blood flow to your skin and hair follicles, regenerate new tissue, and create a pathway for your good products to penetrate deeper into your skin.

Tip #12 Big hair starts with big nutrients


Making new hair and supporting your current hair strands goes beyond regular maintenance. You need to ensure you are eating the right nutrients to support hair health. The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is deficient in foods that support healthy locks, including vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and protein. Hair is made up of the protein keratin, so it is important to boost your protein intake in your diet. Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables are critical for hair health as well.


Hair supplements can be an excellent tool for ensuring you are getting the nutrients you need to support hair growth. Try the Revita Nutraceutical Tablets for Hair Growth to volumize from within and to support hair growth.

Tip #13 Sleep before styling


Going to bed at night with wet hair can do wonders for your volume. Many celebs and hairstyle experts will sleep with their hair in a bun wrapped with a velvet scrunchy. A bun forces your roots to dry differently than it would if it was left flat to dry. If you want a relaxed look when you wake up, leave your ends out of the scrunchy (about an inch).  

Tip #14 Rollers actually work


These decades-old styling objects are surprisingly effective. Indeed, there is a reason our elders relied on them regularly. Think of the volume women (and men too!) had in the 60s and 70s! Rollers train your hair to fall a specific way that gives you incredible lift.

Tip #15 Use the right styling products


There are so many hair styling products that serve different purposes. Make sure you are using products meant to volumize your hair instead of other actions like hydrating and smoothing. Light and airy products are best for adding volume, as they don’t weigh your hair down.

If hair loss is depleting your ability to achieve the volume you desire, start by correcting hair thinning and loss with professional-grade hair regrowth systems at DS Laboratories.  


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