5 Ways to Help Sagging Neck & Jowls Skin

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Most of us give little thought to how our necks will look with age. Indeed, we usually focus more on our facial features and commonly exposed areas like the hands and upper arms. Perhaps we take this area for granted because we don’t always focus on it when looking in a mirror or even talking to other people. Yet, once we finally notice those first signs of sagging, thickening, or wrinkling, it can be tough to turn back time without cosmetic surgery. Taking care of your skin early on is key to preventing age-related changes to your neck area. However, with extra attention and the right products, you can fix sagging neck skin without going under the knife.

How Does The Neck Show Signs of Aging

The neck is one of the most common areas that plastic surgeons treat. The reason is that the skin on the neck is highly susceptible to age-related changes that can affect your whole appearance. When you think of all the movement this area undergoes, it is not surprising that this area shows signs of aging. Common age-related changes to the neck include:


  • Wrinkling
  • Crepey skin
  • Sagging
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Thinning (or thickening) of the skin
  • Increased fullness from fat deposit underneath the chin (often referred to as jowls)


Other signs of aging can include subtle changes in your skin color and texture, especially if your neck has been exposed to harsh conditions and frequent UV rays.

Aging of the Neck Is Not Just Skin Deep

We often focus on the looseness or wrinkling of the skin. Yet, age-related changes are not just due to loss of elasticity in the skin when it comes to the neck. The anatomy of the neck and jaw plays a significant role in age-related changes. For example, as we get older, we start to experience some bone reabsorption. The body naturally breaks down bone and rebuilds it, but once we get older, it becomes harder to replace reabsorbed bone. Thus, the jawline and neck area can lose some definition because of decreases in bone density.


It is common for fat to deposit under the chin as well. These fat accumulations can make the chin look thicker and fuller, giving the appearance of a jowl or double chin. Aside from the cosmetic concerns over fat deposits on the neck, there are also health concerns of having a thicker neck. For example, the thickening of the neck can narrow the airways, making it harder to breathe, especially at night. This is one of the reasons some people develop sleep apnea.


Your neck muscles also change with age. Some people may notice that their neck has a “drape” that extends from the throat area to the base of their neck. This drape is due to a loosening of a muscle that extends from the mandible (jaw) to the collarbones. This muscle is called the platysma. When the platysma sags, it not only creates a drape but it also pulls down on the face, which further adds to the appearance of aging.

Preventing Sagging Neck Skin

As you can see, age-related changes to your neck are not limited to the skin. It is a complex process that involves subcutaneous tissue, fat, muscles, and bones. Prevention is key when it comes to warding off sagging neck skin. While we cannot change certain things that can affect your neck tissue (like frequently moving our necks), there are strategies we can take to keep our necks (and bodies) healthy over the years.


Good Skin Care - We often focus solely on preventing aging on our faces, but our skincare routine should include the neck and décolletage as well. You should also apply your serums, exfoliates, moisturizers, and age-prevention products (like retinol) to your neck and décolleté.


Weight Management - Large fluctuations in weight can stretch out the skin. Similarly, increased body fat can accumulate everywhere, including the neck. Maintaining a healthy body weight can limit fat deposits that cling to the tissues below your chin.


Use sunscreen - Sunscreen should be used on all exposed skin. Yet, most of us forget those areas we do not regularly see, like the back of the neck. Make sure to use a good broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 each time you are out in the sun.


Prevent bone loss - We know that our bone reabsorption rate increases as we age, which means that we experience a loss of bone density over time. Preventing bone loss is essential for your whole body, and it can also help you keep definition along your jawline. Make sure you are taking the recommended amount of calcium and vitamin D to prevent conditions like osteoporosis.


Manage health conditions - Keeping your body as healthy as possible means that you are more able to expend energy on tissue repairs, such as in your skin and muscles. For example, if you have a health condition like diabetes or hypothyroidism, you must follow your doctor’s treatment plan, including taking medications as prescribed. Additionally, some health conditions can cause a neck thickening, including hypothyroidism and obesity.

It is too late for prevention. How do I fix sagging neck & jowls skin?

In years past, your option for treating a sagging neck would have been limited to cosmetic surgery. But recent advancements in non-invasive treatments (like laser therapy) and professional-grade products have made it so you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife. If you are interested in some form of medical treatment, like plastic surgery or laser therapy, it is important to talk with your doctor about your options. Yet, many prefer to avoid the side effects and costs of these treatments.


Fortunately, advances in dermatological products have given people access to medical-grade, non-surgical treatment for sagging neck skin. DS Laboratories has a powerful, anti-aging treatment that specifically targets the challenging neck and décolletage area. The Vexum.SL Neck Contour Treatment restores firmness, adds lift, and takes away the appearance of creases and wrinkles on the neck.


Vexum.SL is a unique formula that contains proteins and polysaccharides that together create a cohesive film that instantly tightens the skin. As water evaporates from the solution, the bonds tighten between the proteins and polysaccharides, thus restoring tone and elasticity to your neck area. Additionally, Vexum is known as the “double chin eraser.” Vexum contains Glaucine, which helps reduce lipid storage over time, thus erasing the appearance of a jowl.

At DS Laboratories, we strive to enhance your physical appearance while simultaneously repairing the health and vitality of your tissues. That is why Vexum.SL also contains two additional key ingredients that restore your skin: adenosine and hydrolyzed soy protein. Adenosine is a skin-soothing, restorative agent that may also promote faster wound healing. Hydrolyzed soy protein is a potent antioxidant that can improve uneven skin tones and damage from environmental exposure. All of these powerful ingredients are encapsulated in the advanced nanosome delivery system to ensure critical active ingredients reach the areas they need to penetrate, as opposed to just sitting on top of the skin.  


Before considering laser therapy or surgery, try the Vexus.SL Neck Contour Cream to make your neck look and more youthful and healthy.

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