Does DHT Cause Hair Loss?

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Any form of hair loss for both men and women can be a traumatic experience. One particularly common type of baldness for both sexes is Androgenic Alopecia, or “male pattern baldness.” About 80 million people (roughly 60 percent men, and 40 percent women) experience this kind of hair loss caused by a hormone in the human body: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The body converts a small amount of the testosterone into DHT. In men, DHT is responsible for developing the characteristics most people typically associate with the male sex. It influences factors such as:

  • muscle development
  • body hair growth
  • deep voice change
  • fat storage control

Many people think of testosterone as an exclusively male hormone. Scientists do not understand all the effects that testosterone and DHT have on the female body. Most agree that it is a vital component in the healthy onset of puberty in women.

While the results of DHT in the body may seem less than desirable in some cases, especially for women, the hormone also has some significant benefits for both sexes. As you age, sufficient DHT will help ensure that you maintain proper muscle mass and that you stay sexually healthy.

Excessive DHT in the body, however, can make your hair fall out at an earlier age and a faster rate than the average. For a reason not yet fully understood, DHT can attach to the hair follicles on your head and cause them to shrink. Large, healthy hair follicles on your scalp are what support a beautiful head of hair. If DHT affects the follicles, you could start losing your hair.

Eliminating male pattern baldness is not possible, but there are steps you can take to slow its onset and lessen its effects.

Hair Follicles and the Cycles of Growth

When you were born, you had about 100,000 hair follicles on your head that each grow a single hair at a time (it is not correct they have between 1-5 hairs per follicle). The number never changes; you never get any new follicles over your lifetime. Hair grows in about six-year cycles. The individual hairs on your scalp are all in different stages of growth. When a period of growth ends, the follicle shuts down for a while, and the hair in it falls out.

As you age, some of your follicles may not restart a growth period after shutting down. When this happens, the follicle no longer grows hair and thinning or baldness occurs. Experts have shown that DHT is the responsible agent in many cases of follicles losing their ability to sustain a steady pattern of growth cycling.

DHT can cause the average growth time to shorten, and it can make hair less healthy. The follicle acts as a nutrient source of protein for each strand of hair. DHT causes the root of each hair to receive less vitality and effectively starves it.

The AR Factor

You may wonder why everyone doesn’t suffer from male pattern baldness since everyone’s body contains DHT. The primary difference resides in a genetic factor known as your androgen receptors (AR). Androgens are hormones like testosterone and DHT that affect male characteristics.

Your AR genes allow DHT to bind to the protein in your hair follicles and reduce their health. Hair growth experts consider differences in people’s AR characteristics as one of the primary determining factors in whether or not they will suffer from male pattern baldness.

So, it is not only the levels of DHT in your body that cause baldness but your genetic predisposition for developing the condition. Fortunately for people with male pattern baldness, help is available. Some follicles are more sensitive to the effects of DHT, this is genetical. That is why the follicles on the occipital part of our head are not as sensible as the frotal and parietal.

Revita! Support for Healthy Follicles

DS laboratories delivers support for men and women concerned about thinning or baldness due to DHT in the form of our stimulating shampoo Revita. We formulate Revita with ketoconazole and caffeine, which block DHT on your scalp. By stopping DHT at the source of your problem, you reduce the risk of lowering DHT in areas where your body needs it for good health.

Another critical ingredient in Revita is biotin. Hair experts agree that biotin is essential for hair growth stimulation that results in new faster, and healthier hair growth.

Revita contains much more than DHT blockers. While preventing DHT from binding with the protein in your scalp hair follicles is essential for a full head of hair, you must also help support healthy hair growth. We pack Revita shampoo with amino acids, botanical extracts and other compounds to contribute to the overall health of your hair.

Revita contains no harsh ingredients or cheap detergents that can further damage your hair. You should start to notice a fuller, healthier head of hair with regular use of this product. Let our extensive research on hair health benefit you by trying Revita shampoo.

If these results based on clinical studies sound useful to you, give Revita a try for 90 days and see what it can do for your hair.

  • 90% Experienced a Decrease in Hair Loss
  • 85% Experienced Improvement in Overall Appearance of Hair
  • 70% Experienced Reduction in Hair Loss Rate

The men and women in these studies saw results; you could see them too. Revita shampoo from DS Laboratories is the complete solution to your hair care needs. Use Revita whether your hair is dry, oily, just starting to thin or already falling out. You owe it to yourself and your hair to give it the best chance of regaining its former strength, density and appearance.


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