A Guide to Male and Female Pattern Baldness

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There are different types of hair loss, with male and female pattern baldness being the most common. This article will guide you on the symptoms of pattern baldness as well as some great solutions.


Almost 60% of men will experience male pattern baldness after the age of 50. And although women rarely suffer as much hair loss as men, about 40% will notice significant hair loss, especially after menopause. For men, pattern baldness will typically begin at the hairline. While men are most affected by pattern baldness in middle age and after, many do start noticing symptoms as early as their 20’s and 30’s. A receding hairline is the most common early symptom. As the hairline creeps its way back, men will begin to notice an “M” shaped pattern although there are many variations on how the hairline recedes. Some hairlines will have a more even pattern but most will be more on the side of center, from the temples, and less in the middle. Typically, the widow’s peak will become more prominent as the pattern hair loss progresses.

While not as common as loss around the hairline, some men will experience loss at the crown of the head. If you’re noticing extra hairs on your pillow or in your comb and you don’t have a receding hairline, hair loss at the crown might be the reason. The hair at the crown of the head will have a see-through appearance at first with continuing loss as men age. Since this is more difficult to notice, some men might not see the early thinning.

The least common type of male pattern baldness is diffuse thinning. This is when a man might see hair loss around the whole scalp. Loss only at the hairline or the crown isn’t as prominent. It is more an entire thinning and is best noticed in bright light or when hair is wet. Hair can have a sort of see-through appearance throughout, not just at the crown.



While pattern baldness is most commonly associated with men, women do experience it as well. Receding hairlines, however, are much less common in women. Women will typically notice hair thinning beginning in the midline part of the hair and then radiating outward from the top of the head. Rarely do women ever become completely bald.

Doctors and hair professionals will use the Ludwig classification when describing female hair loss. Type 1 is minimal loss and can be disguised by styling the hair in a certain way. Type 2 brings increased thinning and widening of the mid-line part. Diffuse thinning throughout and a see-through appearance are the characteristics of Type 3. Balding in women tends to be much more upsetting. This is mainly due to the fact that it is less socially acceptable for a woman to have baldness.

Pattern baldness is the common name for androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia is hereditary, if you have parents with balding in their families, you will be much more likely to also have it. And it doesn’t matter which parent. You can inherit the genes for pattern baldness from both your mother and your father. Both male and female pattern baldness do not happen because you wore a hat too often or didn’t use the right hair products, although there are products that will help. It is just a lovely gift you received from your heritage.


When it comes to treating male and female pattern baldness, the earlier you begin the better. You will find some great products that can slow or halt the loss and thinning of hair. There are also products that will help regrow hair for those who have already experienced significant loss.

The professional grade products we recommend here are backed by years of research from leading dermatologists who specialize in hair loss treatment. When you find the right product, you will be amazed that, yes, they really can help slow hair loss and regrow hair. It takes time and commitment, but before you know it, you will be experiencing hair regrowth and halting the process of losing the hair you still have. Let’s take a look at some of these highly rated, medically tested, hair loss prevention and regrowth products.

Revita Comprehensive Line of Hair Growth Stimulating Products


The Revita line of hair growth stimulating products is specifically formulated to prevent hair loss and speed up hair regrowth. Proven to help with pattern baldness, this is best used when you first begin to notice hair thinning and loss.


Revita High Performance Hair Stimulating Shampoo

Revita Shampoo works by stimulating the hair follicles. Clinicians performed a study with Revita Shampoo of over 500 people, both men and women. At least ninety percent of research subjects showed a decrease in hair loss. Seventy percent slowed down their hair loss rate and eighty five percent noticed a significant overall appearance of their hair. This shampoo is both hair care and scalp care. First of all, it removes impurities from the scalp. This allows it to deliver key ingredients that are specially designed to fortify and re-densify hair. Revita uses a Nanosome technology that encapsulates its key ingredients, these ingredients are then released in a chrono-scheduled manner that will have a more targeted, long term impact.


Revita High Performance Hair Stimulating Conditioner

Designed to work with the Revita Shampoo, this conditioner also stimulates the hair follicles. This allows it to redensify your hair to be thicker and fuller looking. It is a perfect daily conditioner as it provides tangle free hair with a silky shine you will love. Like the shampoo, Revita conditioner uses a Nanosome technology that adheres to the scalp and hair. It will keep working long after you rinse your hair and you will love the texture and feel of your healthy mane.


Revita Anti Hair Loss Tablets

Proper scalp and hair nutrition start from the inside. That is why taking a daily supplement that delivers hair growth and hair strength compounds is a great idea. Revita Tablets are designed to fortify hair growth, prevent hair loss, and promote hair growth. This is a long term solution. You need to continue taking this incredibly healthy daily supplement for at least three to six months for the best results.


Spectral Line of Hair Loss Products


The Spectral line is a breakthrough hair revitalizing system. The Spectral products are developed and tested by leading dermatologists and proven to provide strong hair regrowth results. Let’s take a look at the different options and see what will work best for you.



This product is designed solely for women. Spectral.CSF omits the ingredients that only work for men and addresses the complex biology of female hair loss and thinning. Female pattern baldness is uniquely different than male pattern baldness and requires a biological approach that is designed specifically for women. By age 30, women begin to notice hair thinning or less healthy looking hair. This product will help with both of those for a thick and luxurious head of hair.


Spectral F7 Efficacy Booster

This product is designed for both men and women. It will increase the efficiency of your hair stimulation and growth formulas. Used with other Spectral products, this will optimize the formulas to provide even stronger hair and better scalp health. Basically, it is a booster for hair growth products and will maximize your results. You can also use Spectral F7 as a stand alone product in the beginning stages of hair loss, particularly for stress induced hair loss.



Spectral.DNC-N Redensifying Hair Therapy is powered by Nanoxidil, a newer alternative therapy for hair regrowth. It is made with a broad range of products that work in tandem providing optimal results for both men and women. This works at the hairline as well as the crown of the head and is indicated for all over thinning. Its Nanosome-encapsulation system will transport its compounds deep into the skin and is released in a time controlled manner. This delivers longer performance capabilities and is a powerful hair regrowth approach.



Spectral.DNC-S Redensifying Hair Therapy is a maximum strength product that uses two separate formula applications. By keeping them separate before application, the formulas are able to remain in their strongest form. It is optimal for both women and men. While it is best to treat hair loss in its beginning stages, this product is what you need for the more advanced stages of hair loss. DS Laboratories has done extensive research identifying the compounds that will stimulate hair regrowth in the most aggressive manner.  


Spectral RS

Spectral RS Anti-Thinning Hair Treatment provides a purely natural combination of hair health compounds and does not contain minoxidil. It is perfect for those who want a totally natural approach to hair health and has been specifically formulated for that purpose. Spectral RS will make your hair thicker and feel stronger.


Help Your Pattern Baldness Now


Male pattern baldness is inevitable for most men. Female pattern baldness affects less women but is more stressful due to social factors. The above products are designed to deliver highly researched and developed formulas that will deliver positive hair growth results time and time again. If you’re not sure which product is best for you, please click here for this hair product selector. It is a hair assessment quiz designed by leading dermatologist Dr. Antonella Tosti, a top hair loss researcher in the medical field.


All of these products have been exhaustively researched and are guaranteed to provide you with positive results. We recommend professional grade products because they are specifically formulated to stop the inevitable process that so many of us have thought was hopeless. No, your hair loss is not a hopeless situation and can be improved. The products above are sure to be the answer for you.


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