Mature Hairline vs. Receding Hairline

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There is a healthy level of maturing that takes place as people age, and while it may be uncomfortable to some, that also includes some recession of the hairline. However, there is a difference between a receding hairline and a mature hairline, and it can be helpful to understand that difference to reduce stress and unnecessary concern.

Understanding Mature Hairline


A mature hairline refers to the uniform recession of the entire outermost edges of the hair. In this instance, the edge of hair growth is less rounded and more distinct. The development of a mature hairline is natural and shouldn't be too troubling, creating an even and possibly distinguished appearance.

Defining Receding Hairline


A receding hairline offer occurs unevenly, and it may extend back drastically. Androgenetic Alopecia or AGA often causes this type of hairline. While commonly known as male-pattern baldness, this condition can also appear in women, and it results in a horseshoe pattern, which worsens over time.

Mature or Receding Hairline


Do you have a mature or receding hairline? That depends on many factors. For example, your age plays a role. If you are between 17 and 30, chances are your hairline has not fully matured. However, if you are noticing continued hair loss after this mature date, then you may have a receding hairline. Other symptoms to watch for are irritation of the scalp, thin, wispy hairs, increased hair shedding and slower growth.

Treating Hair Loss


While there are several contributors to hair loss, genetics and AGA, as well as stress, play a significant role. Therefore, before you can treat the condition, it is a good idea to get a diagnosis from a licensed dermatologist or specialist. However, regardless of your underlying personal conditions, treating your hair with products that aid in the development of follicular health is an excellent way to slow hair loss and promote fuller-looking hair.

DS Laboratories Can Help

DS Laboratories has been in business for over 15 years. They are dedicated to the technological research and advancements of consumer pharmaceuticals, especially in the realm of hair loss. Dr. Antonella Tosti, MD, FAAD, is the resident medical advisor, who has been breaking new ground in the dermatological field for years. Together with Dr. Tosti, DS Laboratories has created several innovative new products for treating hair loss and promoting follicular health.

Revita Shampoo

The stimulating formulation of proteins, amino acids and other hypoallergenic compounds found in Revita Shampoo provides an excellent daily boost to your hair care regimen. Through the use of advanced technology and research, DS Laboratories has created a shampoo gentle enough for all types of hair that promotes thicker, fuller-looking hair.


As the first of its kind, Spectral.DNC-N is a topical treatment for hair regrowth with no known side effects. Also, it provides 12 hours of continuous treatment, which is longer than most other alopecia treatments. The key ingredient in this revolutionary product is Nanoxidil, a high-efficiency compound, providing better performance than minoxidil for the early and moderate stages of hair loss.

Revita Tablets

If you are not prone to topical treatments, then consider Revita tablets, a nutritional supplement that combines Zinc, Biotin, Iron and Keratin to support the health and regrowth of hair. This unique blend of nutrients contributes to protein synthesis while boosting oxygen and energy levels to aid in the maintenance and reduced fallout of hair.



If your hair loss is stress-related, then Spectral.F7 may offer the most benefit. This hair-boosting agent Astressin-B, a collection of 33 amino acids, to improve and stimulate follicular health. Also, Proharin-B4 is used as a revitalizing agent to aid in the development of stronger and healthier-looking hair. Finally, this topical treatment does not result in an oily residue like some other hair rejuvenation products on the market.

While a maturing hairline is not the same as a receding hairline, both may make you self-conscious about your appearance. In either instance, there is nothing to be ashamed of because hair loss is a natural occurrence that affects a majority of the population. However, some symptoms of hair loss and receding can be combatted through the use of hair nutrient and growth products, like those offered through DS Laboratories. If you are interested in the products discussed here or are curious about how each can help, check out the DS Laboratories site.


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