Top 10 Hair Styles for Women with Thinning Hair

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As women, we so often covet hair colors, textures, lengths, and thickness that we do not have naturally. If we have straight hair, we often wish we had curly hair and vice versa. While it’s easy to reach for a curling iron if you want curls, it’s not as quick and straightforward to grow thicker hair. Fortunately, there are certain hairstyles that make your hair seem fuller and are naturally flattering on women with thinning hair. Let’s take a look at what causes hair thinning in women and how to wear your hair best.

What causes hair thinning in women?

Hair thinning can affect anyone, and it becomes more likely as we get older. However, there are certain health conditions and circumstances that can cause your hair to thin if you are female.


Just like men, women can also experience androgenic alopecia, which is a genetic condition where hair loss occurs early on in life. This type of hair loss can also be the result of underlying health conditions, such as thyroid disease or polycystic ovarian syndrome. In general, androgenic alopecia is usually related to an increased amount of androgens or male sex hormones (like testosterone).


Hair thinning can also be caused by telogen effluvium, which is a condition where you temporarily lose a significant amount of hair following a stressful event. These events can range from childbirth and surgery to loss of a loved one or a car accident. Women usually lose hair about three months following the event that triggered telogen effluvium. Fortunately, because telogen effluvium is temporary, people typically see their hair start to regrow between 6 months and a year following when their hair started falling out.


Other causes of hair loss in women include medications, poor diet, menopause, aging, and eating disorders.

Top 10 Hair Styles for Women with Thinning Hair


Now that you have a brief background as to why your hair may be thinning, let’s look at how you can get the most out of your locks.


(Please note that while some of the women pictured below may not have thinning hair, these hair styles have been recommended by experienced stylists that deal with thinning hair on a regular basis.)


Style #1 The Long Blunt Bob


A long blunt bob is typically shoulder-length. Have your stylist leave your ends untextured so that they appear fuller. It will also make your hair look healthy, and you can still pull it back if you want your hair out of your face. This look is great for women with all hair textures but is really helpful for women with fine, straight, thinning hair.  



Style # 2 The Pixie Cut


Not all women can pull off a pixie, but if you are looking for a statement hairstyle that is bold and very low maintenance, a pixie can be a great way to mask thinning hair. Make sure that your stylist adds choppy layers to make your thin hair look and feel thicker. Styling a pixie cut is a breeze and usually requires only a small amount of styling paste to give you added texture.

Style #3 Long Wavy Layers


If you have long hair and wish to make it look more voluminous, ask your stylist to give you layers. While it may seem counterintuitive, layers give the impression that you have more hair than you do, especially if you style it with soft waves. Layers make your hair lighter and give you more movement. You can also toss your hair up in a relaxed ponytail or bun to keep it off your face, giving you a little more lift on top of your head.

Style #4 Long Blunt Bangs


Like a pixie cut, bangs aren’t for everyone. However, bangs do grow out pretty quickly, so if you have never had them, this may be the time to give them a try. Bangs draw the eye to your face and away from your thinning ends. To get full bangs, have your stylist start your bangs closer to the crown, or middle of your head. This gives you more hair to work with and can help conceal a widening part.

Style #5 The Shaggy Lob


A lob is a term for a long bob. With a lob, your hairstylist should cut your hair to barely graze your shoulders. Soft, wavy curls can add volume to lifeless strands with just a touch of volumizer. Make sure to have your stylist texturize your ends, so they look fuller at your shoulders.


Style #6 The Deep Side Part


Hair thinning in women is particularly noticeable around their part. When a part is left midline or just off to the side, it can make the hair seem thinner. When you do a deep side part, the eye is drawn towards the side with more hair, giving the impression that you have thick hair. Some women even slick or pin down the lighter side of a deep part to give it an edgier and more cultivated look.  

Style #7 The Half-Up Bun


Women with shoulder-length or longer hair can give the impression of having thick, full hair by pulling the top part of their hair into a bun. Sometimes called a “hun,” this style gives you a natural lift and draws the eyes away from your thin ends. It is usually most helpful when you pull a few strands out on either side of your part to frame your face. You can even pull your hair forward once it is in the bun to give you more height.

Style #8 The Jagged Part


This is an easy styling trick that you can try right now! Use a comb to create a zigzag pattern where your part naturally lies. You can even do this on either side of your natural part to increase your volume. Your goal is not to make the zigzag pattern obvious but is rather to make it look soft and natural. Often, a straight part shows the obvious - that the hair is thin. So toss strands on either side to give the illusion of full hair.

Style #9 Messy Updo


It can be hard to conceal hair thinning when your hair is down. However, a messy updo can be the perfect thing to keep hair out of your way and make it seem like you have full hair. Ask your hairstylist how to do a messy updo, as it can seem daunting in the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, messy updo’s can be easy - and quite convenient. Make sure to give yourself some lift at the crown of your head and let a few pieces fall softly to frame your face.

Style #10 Accessorize It


Accessories can distract the eye from your thinning hair. Try out different styling pieces like flower clips, colorful or shiny headbands, big clips, and scarves. Pinning a braid, either natural or artificial (so long as it doesn’t pull on your real hair), can be a great way to distract the eye as well.

If you are looking for inspiration before your next visit to the hair salon, spend some time looking at how other women with thin hair wear their hair. Look for celebrities with your similar face shape and hair texture to see the different ways they have worn their hair over the years. Thinning hair is very common, even among celebrities, so it is likely your favorite female celebs have had to figure out how to wear thin hair on the red carpet.  


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