Will Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo?

Posted on by Leo Smirnov

Cancer is a word that can strike fear into the hearts of even the strongest people. It is sad to say but many of us have lost someone to cancer or know someone who is still fighting that battle with all of their strength. With all the medical advancements nowadays a lot of people are fortunate enough to win this battle and reclaim their lives. But this doesn’t go away without any marks. The heavy medication and the chemotherapy that accompany this battle certainly take their toll on the people and leave their mark. We are all familiar with the fact that among other things, chemotherapy causes all hair on the body to fall out. The most striking bit is losing the hair on our heads, but not only the hair on top of our head. People sadly lose their eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

As with all the hair on our bodies, eyelashes go through cycles of fall out and renewal and we don’t really notice that quite often. However, chemotherapy uses really strong medication that causes all of the lashes to fall out and then people certainly notice the difference. Nevertheless, everything depends on the type of chemo medication that a person is undergoing. Not all chemotherapy medication causes the lashes to fall out, some medications make them thin out a little bit but some definitely are stronger and make them fall out completely.

Usually when it comes to chemotherapy, the hair on the head is first to go. Losing the eyebrows and eyelashes comes after it, sometimes soon after the hair loss and sometimes at the very end of the treatment of the person. Most people don’t really notice the loss of their lashes as it happens because it usually doesn’t hurt. Some people may experience some irritation and maybe even itching but as soon as the eyelashes fall out completely, these symptoms tend to subside. The really important thing to pay attention to is not to try and pull out the lashes on your own as that may cause additional and unnecessary irritation of the eyelids.

Eyelashes fall out usually because the chemo medications dry out the gentle skin of the eyelids and make it dehydrated thus causing the lashes to fall out. You can feel free to discuss some moisturizing eyedrops with your doctor in order to soothe the skin on the eyelids a little bit. However, this will not prevent the lashes from falling out.

They do grow back!

The good news, however, is that eyelashes do grow back after chemotherapy. The speed and rate of regrowth can vary according to the medication that has been used and also the people themselves as well as their lashes' growth cycle. For some people, the eyelashes grow back immediately after they stop the chemo treatment, but for some people it takes a bit longer than that. Some people lose them partially, some people experience a bit of thinning out and some people go through various cycles of fallout and regrowth of their lashes.

Losing the hair on our heads can be overwhelming enough, but the doctor telling you that you will lose your eyelashes as well can be quite overwhelming, especially for women. Eyelashes primarily serve to protect the eyes from exposure to the elements. Moreover, eyelashes are one of our most important facial features and women pay a lot of attention to them. They frame the eye and represent a little piece of our image so they play a good part in our self-esteem. This can affect both men and women and unlike the head where we can temporarily use a wig, for the eyelashes it is a bit more complicated. False lashes and lash extensions are not really a viable option and this goes especially for men. One should be very careful if attempting this temporary cover up as false lashes tend to cause irritation and allergic reactions so please consult your doctor before doing so.

What to use to boost eyelash regrowth?

If you are struggling with this problem yourself and the lashes hadn’t come back yet after stopping the treatment, then you should definitely consider using a topical in order to boost the regrowth of the lashes. Spectral. LASH is one such topical that has proven to give amazing results when it comes to eyelash growth and regrowth.

Spectral.LASH is created by DS Laboratories as a cutting-edge treatment for eyelash loss or for boosting the thickness and growth of the already existing lashes. Spectral.LASH is an eyelash growth stimulator, which boosts the eyelash growth and gives longer lashes by 25 percent in just two weeks’ time. It is also clinically proven that it gives more thickness and density to the lashes. What makes Spectral.LASH so efficient compared to other eyelash growth serums is that it uses a breakthrough peptide complex, as opposed to the glaucoma drug such as the active ingredient, bimatoprost. Unlike bimatoprost, the peptides work on lash regrowth by stimulating the expression of keratin genes and improving the overall health of the eyelid. The latest and greatest advancements in biotechnology have helped create this great topical which is a very safe and efficient treatment for eyelash regrowth. Peptides are composed of structural amino acids, and scientists believe that by boosting the keratin genes, they improve the skin health of the eyelid and thus give a natural boost to the regrowth of the eyelashes.

How to use Spectral.LASH

For optimal results you should always follow the instructions of use of the product. First of all, you need to make sure that your face is completely clean, and all eye makeup is properly removed. Grab your Spectral.LASH and click on the button in order to dispense the solution. Take the applicator and draw it carefully across the skin of the upper eyelid, on the lash line, similarly as you would apply your makeup eyeliner. The same process is to be repeated for the lower eyelid as well. Make sure to avoid getting the solution into the eyes, however any accidental drop in the eye is not expected to cause any harm to the eyes. Do not rinse the eyes, and apply it twice a day in the morning and in the evening. After four weeks you will start to see amazing results, and then you can switch to using it once a day to maintain a steady regrowth.

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